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Album: Limbs Gone Batty (live)

Or “The Role Of The Anterior-Posterior Patterning Signal, Sonic Hedgehog, In The Development Of The Unique Bat Limb”

Released: June 2009

Limbs Gone Batty (live) album cover

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Why, but why this title? Gil’s sister Dorit wrote a masters thesis with this title. We thought it deserved the attention of popular music lovers from Osaka to Otjiwarongo. More bat for your buck over at the paper: A second wave of Sonic hedgehog expression during the development of the bat limb.

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Record company: Jaunted Haunts Press.

Recorded live on 22 May 2007 at the Independent Armchair Theatre by Ian James Watson. Mixed and mastered by Stephen Timm.

Total running time: 64min 57s.

Limited numbered edition of 250 copies only.